Welcome to Kinderschool

Kinderschool is a place where pre schoolers come to develop their literacy and fine motor skills in preparation for reading, writing and formal schooling. Located in a beautiful, permanent classroom hidden behind the fabulous Church St. shopping precinct in Brighton, Kinderschool is a hidden gem!

This program will ignite an interest in learning and build confidence in your child so they are well prepared and can start school with confidence. Our classes start at 3 years of age and follow on the next year or 2 years to our 4/5 year old program. We have 2 intakes per term, and you can join at any time, however, it is advisable to start as early as possible if your child is showing an interest in letters and sounds. Kinderschool follows the Letterland Phonics Program and uses the Fingergym Fine Motor Program.  Both these programs are aimed at pre-schoolers and support current educational research. Emily Weight, the program facilitator and trained Primary Teacher has been teaching pre school literacy for 13 years and is highly experienced. She holds a current WWCC and Level 2 First Aid certificate. Please have a look around the website and don't hesitate to contact Kinderschool with any further queries. Your child will LOVE LEARNING at Kinderschool and you will love it too!